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Shared Medical Appointments

A shared medical appointment is a series of consecutive individual consults for patients with same/similar health needs, this is done in a supportive group setting so everyone can listen, interact and learn. People in our practice tell us that it would be good to be connected with other people who are living with similar health conditions and are going through the same experiences. Patients learn about chronic conditions vicariously by witnessing other’s illness experiences and in turn the providers learn from the patients, how better to meet their needs. The SMA approach provides great support; patients receive professional expertise from the doctor in combination with first hand information from peers resulting in better health knowledge. Also attendees have the opportunity to see how the doctor interacts with fellow patients which allows them to get to know the doctor better, helps build rapport and trust.

Sometimes 15 minutes (standard appointment time) isn’t long enough to address all concerns regarding chronic conditions; A SMA session is generally 60 – 90 minutes long and comprises of around 6-8 patients. The cost is the same as a regular appointment, prescriptions and examinations are available like a regular consult, (examinations can be done privately in a separate room if requested). Confidentiality forms are provided and need to be read and signed before the consultation, so everyone is in agreement about privacy.

If you are interested in attending a SMA, please enquire with reception about our next scheduled date.